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Handheld barcode scanners for inventory control & counts

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Inventory Barcode Scannrs

Physical Inventory Barcode Scanners

Easy inventory barcode scanning solutions

Manage your inventory with our easy to use inventory barcode rental solutions.

Inventory barcode scanners are the best way to manage and track your inventory. Our rugged 1D/2D wireless handheld barcode scanners and easy to use inventory barcode software give you a fast and accurate inventory barcode scanning and tracking solution that is cost effective and saves you time.

Your inventory data is available online, or can be exported to text, CSV or Excel files. Easy to integrate with accounting inventory systems and e-commerce shopping carts.

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With 24/7 helpdesk our team is always available and you can rest assured an expert on your side.
Get Inventory barcode scanners for your next inventory count.
  • Completed your count quicker
  • Eliminate input errors
  • Leverage electronic count sheets
  • Real time count valuation, audit, and variance reports

We can help you simplify your physical inventory management

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Wanted to say Thank You so much for the fantastic service – the barcode scanners work flawlessly and your customer service and customer support is over the top.

Scott - Parts manger

Complete Barcode Scanner Rental Kits

Everything you need to manage your inventory in a convenient inventory barcode scanner rental kit. Rugged high speed 1D/2D wireless handheld barcode scanners and easy to use inventory barcode software give you a fast and accurate barcode tracking solution that is cost effective and saves you time.

Complete inventory barcode scanner rental kits with cradle charger, power adapters, spare batteries, secure wireless access point, laptop base station and easy to use barcode software.

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Inventory Barcode Scanner Rental Kits For Inventory Counts


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Wireless barcode scanners with keypads for quick item code entry and lookup. Best in class rugged inventory barcode scanners with hi speed barcode reader. Drop proof from 4ft. onto concrete.




Industrial high speed wireless handheld barcode scanners with ergonomic trigger sled for extended periods of use. Rugged inventory barcode scanners made for warehouses and harsh environments.


Inventory Count Barcode Scanner.png


   Health, Safety & Compliance

Enterprise class anti-microbial 2D wireless handheld barcode scanner with disinfectant case. High speed QR code reader. Drop proof from 5ft with full alpha-numeric key pad.



Easy to use wireless barcode software for inventory tracking


Fastest UPC code lookup. Search and sync 50,000 UPC codes in under a second and work without internet or wi-fi. Instant barcode validation means less time waiting and more time scanning.



Real-time electronic inventory scan log and inventory reports


Manage your inventory with accurate inventory data. View inventory movements, count quantities, variances, inventory valuations and other key inventory data by location, item category item ID, bin location, serial/lot number, user ID, date and time.



Complete inventory rental kits

Everything you need in easy to use kits. All rental kits come complete with wireless handheld barcode scanners, cradle chargers, spare batteries, secure wi-fi access point, laptop base station, inventory barcode software.

Rugged handheld barcode scanners made for inventory control

count inventory with barcode scanners

Keep on top of your inventory counts

Physical inventory count barcode scanner rental kits with barcode scanners and software pre-configured and ready to go when they arrive. Simply unpack, and start scanning. Free training provided.

Count inventory using barcode scanners.

Counting inventory with barcode scanners is the best way to save time and money. Wireless inventory barcode scanners and easy-to-use inventory count software give you fast and accurate inventory counts that save you inventory count hours, and ensures your physical inventory is accurate.

Rental kits include wireless barcode scanners with ergonomic trigger grip, cradle charger, power cables and extender bar, spare batteries, secure wireless access point, laptop base station and inventory count software.

Our Barcode blog for inventory barcode scanners. Topics related to warehouse inventory barcode scanning technologies to improve the accuracy and speed of inventory counts. 

Cost effective and easy to use


Reduce inventory hours and eliminate manual errors with rugged wireless barcode scanners and easy to use inventory barcode scanning software.

Experience exceptional customer service


Inventory barcode solutions made to fit your needs

Schedule a free online demo and we’ll show you how we can simplify your inventory management using inventory barcode scanners.

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Save your time and money

From planning to execution, we’re available by remote support, phone, text and email to help you every step of the way.

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