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Count Inventory Accurately and Efficiently With Barcode Scanners

Taking physical counts using pen and paper with data entry done later is no longer an option for managing inventory. Using barcode scanners scanners to count your inventory you will save time and money. When you look at the inventory counts in your system, you will have a more accurate view of stock, since scanning is done immediately upon product movement. You don’t have to worry about the mistakes, and headaches, that come with manual data entry done after the fact.

Inventory is the lifeline of your business

physical stock count with wireless inventory barcode scanners
Simplify your physical stock count with wireless inventory barcode scanners.

Benefits of using barcode scanners to count inventory

  • When a shipment comes in, barcodes can be scanned and received into the system against the relevant purchase order in real time.

  • Barcodes and scanners are more efficient. Counting by hand is, quite simply, time-consuming. Not only does it take longer to count each product package, the system isn’t updated until the figures are manually updated. With scanners, the system is updated almost simultaneously.

  • Location tracking. When your customer orders an item, it’s nice to know you have it in stock. Often, the problem is locating the product, especially if it’s not high-volume. Scanners allow you to track inventory by location, bin, batch or serial number.

  • Picking and shipment are more efficient with picking instruction sheets and scanners. Sales and shipments can be recorded as soon as items are removed from inventory.

  • Save time and reduce manual errors. Using barcode scanners makes for accurate and efficient warehouse inventory counts.


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