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Count Inventory On Barcode Scanners

What Is A Physical Inventory Count?

A physical inventory count or stock take is carried out by counting the inventories at all your warehouse locations and other locations you may carry inventory.

The inventory quantities from physical inventory count are known as quantity on hand, and represent the actual quantity physically present, independent of the system on hand quantities. The inventory count is the process of counting and comparing the physical count quantities to the system on hand quantiles and determining count variances. Inventory count barcode software helps improve accuracy and speed of inventory counts.

Physical Inventory Counts Can Be Tedious

It takes a lot of time to record inventory information manually, or to look for each item on the pre-printed inventory sheets. It is also prone to making mistakes, double counting some items and missing others entirely. Verification counts often do not match, and paper notes are misplaced or lost, resulting in multiple re-counts of the same area. Finally, all notes have to be manually entered into a computer – another tedious and daunting task prone to errors.

Count Inventory With Barcode Scanners Into Excel

Now new technologies allow businesses of any size to use barcode scanning for warehouse inventory counts, eliminating manual entries

There is no reason to continue doing inventory counts manually. Using 2d wireless barcode scanners you can count inventory with barcode scanners and download in real time into excel.

Leverage barcode scanners to improve the efficiency of stock takes by scanning barcodes.


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